Asbestos Awareness Training

Did you know that you're responsible for providing asbestos awareness to employees?
CAR 2012 – Regulation 10.

Keeping your employees safe when potentially exposed to asbestos is not only important, it's the law.

You must provide employees with appropriate information and training not as a one-off, but on an annual basis - and Amiante STR can help.

Who's it for?

Our asbestos awareness training is targeted specifically at employees whose work could expose them to asbestos, such as those working in:

  • demolition
  • refurbishment
  • maintenance
  • allied trades.

All of these roles, and many more, have the potential to disturb the fabric of the building whilst working, exposing asbestos-containing materials.

What's covered?

Our half day certificated courses cover the following topics:

  • what is asbestos?
  • where it comes from; the types and uses
  • health effects of different asbestos material
  • where it's found and how to identify it
  • legislation and guidance
  • working safely with asbestos materials
  • ASK: asbestos register, show awareness, know you are safe.

The Amiante STR asbestos awareness course is given using practical, informative and interactive methods to ensure your employees stay interested and engaged. We provide notes, refreshments and certificate of attendance..

Where's it held?

You choose; we can come to you and deliver the training on-site or you can utilise our purpose-built training room. 

Is it time you provided training?

Why not tick 'asbestos awareness' off your to-do list today?

Get in touch for prices (discounts for multiple bookings may apply), advice and all the information you need on our asbestos awareness course.