Hazardous Waste – Bird Dropping Removal (Guano)

Guano droppings within greenhouseDamage

Bird droppings are extremely acidic and so can cause damage to many materials. If it is not removed correctly permanent damage can be caused to roofs, ventilation systems, machinery, buildings, cars, pavements and many other places, which can be very expensive to repair.
The air ducts of ventilation systems can be the perfect place for birds to nest and their droppings can cause blockages. This is hazardous to the health of people inside the building and also expensive to repair.

Health Hazard

Bird droppings harbour disease causing micro-organisms which can become airborne when the guano is dried. These airborne micro-organisms can be inhaled and cause pulmonary disease. Also the droppings themselves encourage infestations of fleas and mites as well as attracting rats which carry disease.


Removing guano can give a new lease of life to a building, making your property look fresh and well maintained or even allowing you to make use of a space that has fallen into disrepair.

The removal of bird droppings should only be undertaken by trained professionals using the correct safety equipment in a controlled environment. The University of West London case study shows exactly what we can do for you.

If you think that you or your client has a build-up of guano on the property, please contact Amiante STR today at our Hampshire office 023 9223 0700 or our London office 020 8531 4969 or email us on enq@amiante.co.uk to discuss your concerns and we will advise you what to do next.