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Amiante cleans up a military site

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 in Company
Haslar Ward

Amiante STR has secured a major contract to remediate asbestos from the site of a former military establishment in Hampshire.  Scheduled over five phases, we will be undertaking a wide range of commercial asbestos removal activities in buildings that served the military in a variety of roles.  Starting with basement plant rooms, after an initial commercial asbestos survey identifying hazards, works will encompass total asbestos remediation from former galley rooms, bar & snooker leisure areas, officers’ and ratings’ mess rooms, and a number of associated corridors and shafts containing boiler and heating equipment.  Works have just commenced and are scheduled to last three months.  For more information on how Amiante STR can assist you in decontaminating asbestos from historical brownfield sites then please contact us today, 023 9223 0700 or via our website.