Former Debenhams Store – Winchester

Amiante have successfully completed an asbestos removal project at the Former Debenhams Department Store. Works involved constructing a fully controlled asbestos working enclosure, cutting out pipework, removing asbestos insulation debris from the walls as far as reasonably practicable and after a thorough visual inspection carried out by an independent analyst encapsulated the walls with ET150.

After the boiler room had undergone a four-stage clearance the Amiante team had to take apart, and clean two Robin Hood Boilers, removing asbestos gaskets and mastic, reassurance air testing was also carried out during these works to demonstrate the control limit had not been exceeded.

The project posed some significant challenges, including working at height, manual handling and demolition works being carried out at the same time as the asbestos removals, Collard demolition segregated our working area ensuring both companies could work safely at the same time. The independent analyst carried out leak and reassurance air testing during the asbestos removals to demonstrate the control measures put in place were adequate.

During these works we had an unannounced visit from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who carried out an Audit on our paperwork and working practices.

After the audit was complete the HSE reported everything was satisfactory, and commented on how impressed they were with the RAMS and how knowledgeable the Amiante site supervisor was.


Removal of Asbestos Removal-both licenced and non-licenced asbestos

Removal of all asbestos and correct disposal of generated waste via segregated compartment of the Amiante van which was delivered to a licensed transfer station.

Personal monitoring of operatives inside and outside of the enclosure to confirm control measures to be adequate.

HAVS monitoring carried out during removing/cutting out the pipework.


Key Details


Winchester, Hampshire


MCS Construction Limited

Project Size

Project Size
In Meters 200sqm of asbestos debris to the walls of the boiler room.

Contract Value



2 weeks