Royal Holloway College – Environmental Clean

Amiante worked hard to complete all asbestos removal works to a very strict deadline. To ensure the works were completed on time and to the highest standard we increased our levels of supervision and operatives.

This project involved the removal of:

Asbestos containing vinyl floor tiles and bitumen throughout the ground floor of all properties. These works were carried out under locally-controlled conditions.

The asbestos containing floor tiles were removed using a big mutt tile lifter, the Bitumen was then removed using a Blastrac floor grinder fitted with a dust extractor.

Asbestos containing textured coating applied to plasterboard ceilings throughout the properties, these works were carried out under controlled conditions and notifying the HSE by way of an NNLW.

The plasterboard ceiling was removed with the Asbestos textured coating still attached.

Asbestos insulation Board boxings in each of the properties. These works were carried out under fully controlled conditions and notifying the HSE by way of ASB5.

Due to works being carried out next to a residential Estate, Collard demolition erected HERAS fencing and secured the site making it safe for the public and all workers involved in the project.

Removal of significant Asbestos Removal- both licenced and non-licenced asbestos

Construction of multiple asbestos enclosures.

Removal of all asbestos and correct disposal of generated waste via an enclosed skip which was delivered to a licensed land fill site.

Personal monitoring of operatives inside and outside of the enclosure to confirm control measures to be adequate.

Key Details


1-7 Highfield Close Egham TW20 0EX


R Collard

Project Size

7 properties
700sqm of asbestos containing textured coatings.
350sqm of asbestos containing floor tiles and bitumen.
70sqm of Asbestos insulation board.

Key Challenges

  • Asbestos containing materials
  • Working at height.
  • Working next to a residential estate