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Asbestos ceilings are a common feature in older homes built between the 1950s and the mid-1980s. While its use has been banned in the UK since 1999, the asbestos ceiling materials were previously used for decorative purposes, as an insulator, and as a fire retardant.

Typically, asbestos is located in textured ceilings such as Artex as well as asbestos cement sheets and asbestos insulation board (AIB).

Amiante STR is a specialist asbestos contractor serving all of your domestic needs in London and Hampshire. HSE licensed, ISO accredited and fully insured, we are experts in removing all forms of domestic asbestos containing material (ACM’s), including ceiling asbestos.

Ceiling Asbestos Removal

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Identifying asbestos ceiling tiles and coatings

Before removing decorative ceilings, it’s important to identify if it contains asbestos. If your home was decorated before the mid-1980s, then it will almost certainly contain asbestos. However, if the ceiling was installed after this, then there is still a chance that it may contain asbestos. A home asbestos survey will help you to identify if your home has asbestos. 

Once the presence of asbestos is identified, we can then discuss your options for its safe removal. 

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Ceiling asbestos FAQs

Where are asbestos ceilings and coatings commonly found?

Textured coated ceilings containing asbestos, asbestos cement sheets, and insulation boarding (AIB) were used because they were hard-wearing, cheap and extremely fire resistant. This made them very appealing to residential builders in the 1950s up until the mid-1980s. 

Decorative textured coated ceilings (Artex) are common in most rooms such as lounges and bedrooms. However, boarding containing asbestos such as asbestos cement sheets and asbestos insulation board (AIB) are typical in kitchens areas and boiler cupboards that are more prone to fires.

The use of asbestos in ceiling materials was gradually phased out, and by 1999 the use of asbestos was banned in the UK.

Are asbestos ceiling panels dangerous?

Asbestos in ceiling products is not considered a risk if left undisturbed. However, if disturbed, such as during redecoration or refurbishment, the dust released can pose a serious health risk.

If your ceiling does contain asbestos, we highly recommend it be removed safely by a professional with the appropriate knowledge. Contact us today for advice and a quotation.

How much does asbestos ceiling removal cost?

Each asbestos ceiling removal option is unique to the client and their domestic property. We will assess and discuss your individual circumstances and requirements at the quotation stage.

Several factors can affect the cost including the type of asbestos ceiling, its age, the size of the area needing removal.

We aim to provide competitive quotations for your timeframe and budgetary requirements. Contact us today for a quote.

Where can asbestos containing materials be found?

There are several common places within residential properties that may contain asbestos. Asbestos cement sheets, asbestos insulation boarding (AIB) and other asbestos containing domestic ceiling materials are fairly common in properties built before 1999.

For more information see our interactive house picture (infographic) showing the typical locations of asbestos.