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Asbestos Management Services

Providing Asbestos Solutions to Create a Safer Environment

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Amiante STR are a specialist Asbestos removal contractor serving all your commercial needs in London and Hampshire. HSE licensed, ISO accredited and fully insured we are experts in removing all forms of Asbestos products from all types of commercial properties.

We will advise you on your legal management requirements and offer the best course of action to suit you, your circumstances and budget. Removal may not always be necessary. In some circumstances, encapsulation/sealing of the material may be the best economic option for your commercial premises.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

The removal of asbestos is carried out by Amiante’s highly qualified commercial asbestos removal team. As an HSE licenced asbestos contractor, we are able to remove all types of asbestos from your commercial property from areas such as roofs, walls, gutters, pipes and lagging.

Our asbestos removal operatives are CSCS qualified, and annually undergo refresher training to ensure they maintain the required standard in the removal of both licenced and non-licensed asbestos.

Commercial Asbestos Encapsulation

Not all commercial asbestos needs to be removed. Asbestos in commercial buildings that is undamaged, and even some that is damaged, can be encapsulated to prevent further damage and eliminate potential removal costs.

Encapsulation is a method of covering the asbestos with high performance bandages and coatings to prevent asbestos fibres from escaping. Once encapsulated, the area is labelled with asbestos warning labels. If asbestos encapsulation works are undertaken at your property, you must ensure you update your asbestos register and management plan to ensure compliance.

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Why choose Amiante’s commercial asbestos removal services?

  • HSE licensed removal services in accordance with CAR 2012.
  • Asbestos re-inspection surveys to ensure your asbestos management plan is up to date.
  • Encapsulation/sealing of products within your commercial premises.
  • Asbestos waste disposal in accordance with our Hazardous Waste Carriers License.
  • Asbestos management surveys – a legal requirement for all commercial properties built before 2000.
  • Asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys – a legal requirement before any type of refurbishment or restructuring can be undertaken in a commercial property built before 2000.

Commercial and industrial asbestos removal FAQs

Is there HSE guidance for commercial asbestos removal?

Yes, there is a range of documents available from HSE on the removal of commercial asbestos and its disposal. Find out more here.

How much does commercial asbestos removal cost?

Each asbestos removal option is unique to the client and their commercial property. We will assess and discuss your individual circumstances and requirements at the quotation stage. We aim to provide competitive quotations for your commercial timeframe and budgetary requirements. Contact us today for a quote.

Is commercial asbestos removal the best option for my building?

While removing asbestos is the best course of action in some cases, not all commercial asbestos needs to be removed. Undamaged, and even some damaged asbestos can be encapsulated to restore its safety and prevent further damage. Get in touch today for advice about the best service for your needs.