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Asbestos Management Services

Providing Asbestos Solutions to Create a Safer Environment

24 HOUR HELPLINE Hampshire 023 9223 0700 London 020 8531 4969 Email: enq@amiante.co.uk

Amiante STR Ltd are asbestos removal and encapsulation specialists based in London and Hampshire.

The decision on how to treat asbestos depends on a number of factors. Amiante STR Ltd are specialists in this field and can advise on the best course of action; whether this means asbestos removal, or asbestos encapsulation.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Not all asbestos needs to be removed. Undamaged asbestos (and even some damaged asbestos) can be made safe by repairing it and either sealing or enclosing it to prevent damage – a process called asbestos encapsulation.

Encapsulation is a method of covering the asbestos with high performance bandages and coatings to prevent asbestos fibres escaping. Once encapsulated the area is labelled and added to the list of asbestos locations in your Asbestos Register.

Asbestos Removal

Removal of asbestos is carried out by our licensed, qualified asbestos removal team. Amiante STR Ltd will remove all types of asbestos from roofs, walls, gutters, pipes, lagging, any building prior to refurbishment or demolition works etc.

Our Asbestos Removal operatives are CSCS qualified, and annually undergo refresher training to ensure they maintain the required standard in the removal of both licenced and non-licenced asbestos.

Cost of Asbestos Removal or Encapsulation

Removal of asbestos represents a health hazard and should only be carried out by trained and licenced personnel. If your building has asbestos, or if you’re concerned it may contain asbestos, please contact one of our offices by telephone (please see details below), or email us on enq@amiante.co.uk.

Once we have carried out an assessment of asbestos hazards, we can advise you about the cost of asbestos removal or encapsulation.

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