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Asbestos Management Services

Providing Asbestos Solutions to Create a Safer Environment

24 HOUR HELPLINE Hampshire 023 9223 0700 London 020 8531 4969 Email: enq@amiante.co.uk

Amiante STR will manage and coordinate any asbestos services on behalf of our clients, including cases where we have not carried out the asbestos survey ourselves. Where Amiante STR has not carried out the survey, before any work are commenced we would ask to see a copy of the existing survey report.

To provide you with a high level of service and to ensure Amiante STR meet your specific requirements, on receipt of your enquiry we will assign a project manager who will remain responsible for your works until the completion of the project.  Due to the hazardous nature of asbestos, any project undertaken by Amiante STR follows a strict process, in accordance with legislation, a risk assessment, and method statement for the removal of the asbestos are prepared before any works commence.

An Amiante STR method statement provides you with peace of mind that your asbestos problem is being dealt with properly.

Amiante STR can organise a site survey if required, click here for more information on Asbestos Surveys.
If works are deemed ‘notifiable’ Amiante STR ensure the relevant notification to the enforcing authority HSE or local council. The statutory notification period to for asbestos removal is a minimum of 14 days before any works can commence.
All Amiante STR operatives undergo annual and regular training to maintain the highest standards of professionalism.
Any asbestos removed, will be double bagged or wrapped and sealed prior to disposal at a licensed landfill site specifically for asbestos waste.
Following the removal of asbestos, the area will be fully vacuum cleaned and wiped and an air monitoring undertaken if required by client or by legislative compliance.
Amiante STR will then provide you with the waste consignment note as evidence that the waste has been appropriately disposed of.

Amiante STR offer a unique and hassle free approach to the removal and encapsulation of asbestos.

Asbestos Management

Choosing the course of action should be made by the experts, which is why you should contact Amiante STR Ltd if you suspect asbestos is in a building. We are here to help.

If you think that you or your client has an asbestos problem, please contact us today to discuss your asbestos management concerns and we will advise you what to do next.