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Asbestos Management Services

Providing Asbestos Solutions to Create a Safer Environment

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Asbestos awareness training

Asbestos re-inspections help you stay compliant

Your asbestos register, the cornerstone of your asbestos management plan, must be kept up to date.  A scheduled asbestos re-inspection from Amiante’s surveying division can help make you stay compliant and safe.

Re-inspections should be scheduled around your specific requirements and needs which we can discuss with you.

Amiante will ensure the ongoing asbestos management requirement on your premises is structured and compliant.

  • Communicating with you prior to your asbestos re-inspection being due
  • Re-assessing your asbestos register and its structure
  • Delivering a fixed cost and flexible schedule for re-inspection
  • Confirming any changes to asbestos containing materials and providing guidance & recommendations
  • Advising of any changes in the condition of asbestos containing materials and providing ongoing recommendations
  • Premises re-inspections plus updating your asbestos register
  • Professional management check of your asbestos policy including the compliance of your management plan

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