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Important – HSE Asbestos Notifications

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 in Industry News

We would like to take a little time to help our customers better understand the process known as “notification of asbestos”.  It is an important area to consider when you are planning on going ahead with some residential and commercial asbestos removal work, after a survey, as it will impact on your lead time and project scheduling if you do not consider it early enough.

If the type of asbestos you are seeking to have removed meets certain conditions, for example, sprayed coatings or loose fill insulation, then it will need notifying by your licensed contractor to the HSE.  This is ostensibly so that HSE can make sure that Amiante’s Plan of Work is both suitable and sufficient.  The notification period is 14 days and you must factor this time period into your planning.  Do not appoint a contractor at the last minute, as they have a legal obligation to notify the HSE, and that may well delay your project if you have not allowed for the 14 day period, plus sufficient time for the contractor to plan the work.  Your licensed contractor should advise you of all this.  A useful link to understanding both licensable work and notifiable works with asbestos can be found here.