Amiante STR have the capability to remediate lead paint.

Lead paint was commonly used in properties constructed prior to the 1980’s. Like asbestos, lead paint has been identified to cause serious health problems if not worked on with the correct controls in place. Illness such as anaemia or kidney disease is a risk and published research has linked the exposure to lead paint to a small number of occupational cancers.

Pigeon Guano

Pigeon Guano is a common find on buildings that have been derelict for a period of time. Pigeon guano contains harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Construction workers may be exposed to bird droppings on some sites. The risk is mainly during the refurbishment, maintenance or demolition of buildings, where there is a high chance that there is significant contamination present. Amiante STR have experience with assessing and controlling the safe removal of pigeon guano.

Environmental Clean

An Environmental clean involves the decontamination of a space utilizing environmentally friendly products and materials. Whether the space is an occupied residence, derelict building, overgrown garden, Amiante are prepared to complete guano removal, sharps sweeps, rubbish removal and shall provide you with the correct documentation for the disposal of all types of wastes produced.