Asbestos in soils is becoming a more widespread issue for developers who are looking to break ground.

Due to historical poor waste management and demolition works being completed, many of the brownfield sites are found to have asbestos containing materials present within the made ground. This is also the case for some of the greenfield sites across the country. For this reason Amiante STR have completed numerous land remediation projects alongside Collard Remediation teams.

Amiante STR have vast experience of a variety of land remediation projects which have included asbestos in soils. Generally the ACM have been badly damaged during historic demolition practices and buried in the ground along with other demolition waste materials.

On some occasions the contaminated ground has been brought into the site via recycled aggregate and made ground back fill. Working alongside the Collard Remediation teams, we shall put in place a remediation strategy for each individual site, depending on the ACM that has been identified within the ground. The strategy shall include for investigative soil sampling prior to the start of works and throughout as deemed necessary.

To confirm the measures put in place to complete the removal of asbestos in soils are sufficient, independent personal, background and perimeter monitoring shall be completed to monitor any airborne risk that may be present.