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Asbestos Removal Framework Contract Success

Thursday, December 13th, 2018
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Amiante asbestos contractors have secured in December two more commercial asbestos removal framework contracts, broadening our successful service reach to the East of England and the South West.  Acting as strategic partners for both a national and a regional Government client, we have been appointed long term to provide safe, efficient and competent asbestos management services across a range of public buildings. Asbestos removal framework contracts are used typically where the client has a long term programme of work in mind and is looking to set up a process to develop a collaborative and supportive commercial supply chain partnership, factoring in a schedule of rates, quality and workmanship plus health, safety and environmental management competence.

Amiante will spend up to five years working with the client to provide a broad range of asbestos removal, management and remediation solutions across their estates, providing hazardous material expertise, consultancy and site operations.  For more information on how Amiante STR could add long term value into your project then please contact Paul Fox, Director of Business Development on 023 9223 0700, or contact us through a variety of channels on our website.  If you would like to better understand what a framework contract looks lke then there is a good piece on the webiste of Constructing Excellence.

Amiante operate from fully services facilities in Hampshire, London and Kent, and are well placed to service client requirements across the SW, SE, London, the Midlands and Wales.  Asbestos removal crews and assets operate seven days per week to meet client requirements, and also provide emergency response when required under the terms of the framework.  We have extensive experience across the public sector, and are currently providing asbestos removal services into the health, education, defence, and infrastructure sectors.  If you would like to know more about the high levels of competence required to hold an asbestos removal licence then visit our licenses and accreditations.

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